Local LGBT Groups Response to the Attack on Trans Rights with Jay Anderson

Jay explains how comments from Lizz Turss, the Women’s and Equalities Minister, are having a impact on our trans community

Tory equalities minister Liz Truss’ comments about trans youth are a “new edition” of Margaret Thatcher’s homophobic Section 28, according to the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights.

Liz Truss is the conservative Women’s and Equalities Minister, and during this pandemic has made an attack on trans rights across the UK.

Many trans people have described it as the modern day Section 28, as it will make a negative life-altering impact on the lives transgender adults, adolescence and children.

Being safe to openly blast Liz Truss for her views, I took to social media with my team at LGBT Northern Social Group. Taking into account that people were feeling helpless and unable to fight for their own rights or their friends and community, making a guide to help those who need a hand write to their MP. 

This document is made accessible with font readable for people with dyslexia, font-size adjustable, and also in many different wording types with 3 letters to choose from depending on your choice. This document is backed up with scientific research articles, government links and a Trans:101 for your MP to be able to read and understand what certain words and phrases mean.

The document has been used all around the country so far, with many people helping the fight for trans rights, but left with dead silence from Liz Truss.

Still no response

Since, I’ve taken to twitter and linked Liz Truss to articles I’ve written and asked her openly for a response. This tweet has been seen by over a thousand people, and still no response.

In these trying times with threats of “Checks and Balances” on trans identities, “Safeguarding Children”, and the repeated idea of “protection of single sex spaces”, we must all stick together and protect our own mental wellbeing, and remember that this shall pass and we will continue to fight. 

“Reach out to local support groups such as Be: Trans Support and Community, or call LGBT+ Switchboard or MindLine Trans+, if you need support.”

If you are able to, we encourage everyone to try reach out to their MP, who has a duty of care to protect trans people in the constituency.

She Who Must Not Be Named

Recently the Harry Potter Author has turned to twitter and her blog to express her thoughts on trans people and the rights the should or should have. Whilst we won’t share what she’s written as it’s important that we focus on the positive stories empowering our trans community, We thought we’d share with you the reply form Mermaids.

If you are impacted by anything in this article, please reach out to some of the following teams that will be able to help

Jay (he/him) is a transgender activist aged 20, currently working on fighting for a reform of he gender recognition act. Within this work, fighting against Liz Truss’ ideas for the reform, which go completely against transgender rights.