Life in Lockdown with Choriza May

Life in Lockdown paid a visit to 2018’s Drag Idol winner, one third of Billy’s Girls… and global super star, Choriza May!

My experience during lock down could have gone both ways, great or really bad.

I decided I wasn’t going to let all the shit happening get to me, and although I was furlough from my graphic design job, lost all my drag gigs and got all my trips cancelled, I took the time to have a break from my busy routine and spent all that time with my partner and also creating art.

This helped me increase my online presence as Choriza, I grew as a performer and I learned new skills.

Watch Choriza’s performance for Northern Pride Online

“On my illustrator side, I focused more on my online business and it also has grown a lot and I worked in some amazing commissions and new projects”

“It has been hard not seeing my family for so long, but I guess I’m used to that by living in a different country” 

I’m at a point where I don’t miss life before lockdown, but I am very excited to see how life will be when all these madness ends. 

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Life in Lockdown brought together with support from Haydn Brown Photography and DW Media

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