Life in Lockdown with Ill Health

As part of our Life in Lockdown campaign, we caught up with drag friends Ill Health, Opium and Venus Dimilo. Ill Health takes us through their story about being a group of friends locked in one house together!

Our lockdown experience has been okay overall actually

Opium works from home anyway so not much changed for her besides delivery times on certain things she needs delaying bits of her work, whereas the change for Venus and I has been somewhat ‘more’.

Working from within our bedrooms has been strange but easy to get used to; roll out of bed straight to a desk..

“It’s lucky if the laptop even gets the courtesy of seeing brushed hair. Easy!”

It’s definitely been a lot easier seeing that we’re a friendship group, as we’ve still been able to socialise within our household. Finding new ways to keep ourselves occupied has been fun – weekly film comp where whoever wins each round gets a tiara and sash? Yes, please.

Drag family (left to right) Venus Dimilo, Opium and Ill Health

We all agree that having each other during this time of lockdown has certainly been a blessing, and helped us to retain a sense of normality! We’ve thrown ourselves into expressing our drag in a new digital landscape and really pushed ourselves to try new things within that, to much success (humble brag) including discovering we’ve been hiding a set of Meryl Streeps in the house.

“When we’re not donning wigs or competing to see who can pick the best films, we can be found eating low-calorie ice cream and binging Golden Girls”

Overall the experience hasn’t been too jarring, but we’re definitely looking forward to getting back to a new normal and getting out and about again!

Life in Lockdown brought together with support from Haydn Brown Photography and DW Media

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