Life in Lockdown with Rex

Life in Lockdown paid a visit to one of the hottest Drag Kings from the region Rex… aka Meg. Meg shares how important self-care is, and how it can inspire you to be your best.

As stupid as it may sound, during lockdown I have managed to get my mental health on track.

Before Covid I was struggling to be kinder to myself, I was considering giving up drag and in general, I was more concerned about other peoples happiness than my own. 

Being in lockdown and being stuck inside has given me the opportunity to get to know myself properly without the negative comments from others affecting me.

This has allowed me to see what other people have always seen in me and start my journey of self-love and acceptance.

“Lockdown has given me the freedom to become who I truly am and explore the world of drag in more detail”

I have been able to try out new types of looks and create a bigger, better more finished version of Rex and each time I try a new look I get more inspired to keep creating and pushing the limits of what my drag can be. 

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We know that COVID-19 and global pandemic has impacted the community in many different ways. From key working to homeschooling, to being furloughed or education being moved online. Some of our LGBTQ+ community have found it harder than most. The community can sometimes be the family we chose, and we may be isolating alone or away from our support network. We also may be living in hostile environments where we are hiding our true identity to remain safe. We think that it’s important to reflect and remember this moment in our history and highlight the challenges we’ve had to overcome Find out more and apply to take part: