Life in Lockdown with Whitney Bay

We continue our tails from Lockdown. This time Whitney Bay gives us some insight into her Saturday nights with the fam!

Hey ! We are the Salmon’s (yes like the fish).

Of course, lockdown has been tough for everyone but we here on the not so sunny shores of Whitley bay have been trying to keep it light and fun.

“Saturday nights became the highlight of the street when we took to themed dinner parties to make weekends fun again! “

We started of with a solid family choice of dressing as each other and then worked our way through all of our childhood hero’s stopping off with such icons as scooby doo, the Adams family and Star Wars!

We are a house of key workers so there’s not been much downtime for us but we made of it with what we could when we had it.

“Graeme took to his bike, Whitney took to drag and Jackie … well she took to the gin.

Although these times are kind of crazy we got through it together! BIG LOVE TO YOU ALL

Life in Lockdown brought together with support from Haydn Brown Photography and DW Media

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